/etc/init.d/script not working at boot

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Re: /etc/init.d/script not working at boot

Post#16 by Alpvax » 20 Apr 2017, 13:49

Bogomips wrote:Seems clear Thunar will pick up the values needed at start up. So, one suggestion is to have in guiexec script:

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pkill thunar
thunar &
Or just give Boot Parameter (cheatcode) guiexec=pkill~thunar;thunar :wink:
Unfortunaltely, that has no effect, or the same as closing and re-opening the window.

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Full of knowledge
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Re: /etc/init.d/script not working at boot

Post#17 by Bogomips » 21 Apr 2017, 14:52

Looks like Thunar issue. Have to wait for our thunar expert to show up.
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