update-firefox proxy authorization

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Black ninja
Black ninja
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update-firefox proxy authorization

Post#1 by rych » 11 Mar 2017, 05:05

3.2.2 62 XFCE
I have proxy environment variables set up in bash, with authorization, but update-firefox picks up only the name of the proxy server. Ok, then I supply the name and a password:

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root@porteus:~# update-firefox -pauth=name:passw
Checking internet ...
Downloading: update-firefox-live  DONE

 Getting latest firefox version ... 
HTTP: Proxy authorization required.
       Use the -pauth=id:pw parameter.
So, when it says "Use the -pauth=id:pw parameter." how do I actually do it?

DEV Team
DEV Team
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Re: update-firefox proxy authorization

Post#2 by jssouza » 14 Mar 2017, 16:09

Hi rych,

This error message is not coming from the update scripts, but from "lynx" which the update script internally calls. Try the following and check if it helps:
As root, run:

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Wait till the script exits with the same failure.
Now, open /usr/local/bin/update-firefox-live with a text editor and add the " -pauth=id:pw" option with your userid and password, to both the places in the script where "lynx" is called.

You might also have to add your proxy server information to the "wget" command in /usr/share/porteus/porteus-functions file (also called by the update script).

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