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Problem with graphical cursor

Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 17:58
by rchase
It has become very difficult to use Porteus since my graphical cursor started misbehaving; when I try to select text it leaps over it -- if I approach from above, the cursor jumps about the width of the cursor down and to the right; if I approach from below, the cursor jumps the same distance up and to the left. The cursor seems to be misaligned; if I left-click, it selects text one line down and a few characters to the right of where the cursor is pointing. I noticed the problem in Mousepad, but it occurs in Firefox too. The cursor points to GUI elements fine and is working correctly as I enter this text, but selecting and copying text in general has become as clunky as in Android. I am hoping there is an easy fix!

Re: Problem with graphical cursor

Posted: 18 Jan 2016, 05:38
by aus9

Until you get a better reply as I use Nemesis rather than Porteus/Slackware

1) Could you consider updating your control panel so name your distro with details of which desktop or window manager you are using like XFCE/KDE etc
and 32 bit or 64 bit.

I think I already know the answer but it saves you typing it each time you have a question....a suggestion for your consideration :D

eg if you look under my avatar you can see I wrote "64 Nemesis LXDE" which is shorthand for 64 bit or x86_64 which is too long to type
Nemesis meaning Porteus developement based on Manjaro
LXDE is the window manager

2) Did you download any new themes?
Can you name the themes you are using?

If you are using XFCE, can you see there are a number of settings?
on my other distro it has "mouse and touchpad"
and a pulldown names my actual mouse
---and has various tabs for themes and behaviour etc

(b) have you enabled any accessibiltity options that impact on mouse like "mouse emulation"

3) so what exactly is your mouse?

if its usb please show the output to

Code: Select all

if this is a laptop you may need to show

Code: Select all

4) its possible that your xorg setup may need tweaking so please name your actual video card as well please.
that should show up with the lspci command

Re: Problem with graphical cursor

Posted: 18 Jan 2016, 18:19
by rchase
Thanks; I suppose that working with multiple copies of Porteus (32-bit, 64-bit, installed to hard drive and on flash), I may have corrupted the /porteus folder by not adjusting the "changes=" cheatcode. I noticed the problem on Porteus 64-bit installed to my hard drive, but I see that it doesn't exist on my ostensibly identical flash installation. I will re-install it to hard drive and correct the cheatcode to "changes=/dev/sda3/porteus"; I hope this will resolve the problem.