XFCE Notes save.dat magic folder

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XFCE Notes save.dat magic folder

Post#1 by anandisrocking007 » 19 Aug 2015, 05:00

Hi i have tried the magic folder feature and is works perfectly so i wanted to use the magic folder to store xfce notesfiles in my computer such that i dont have to use the savefile feature but when i link it to a .dat file it does not work any idea what is wrong

xfce notes stored files- /home/guest/.local/share/notes/Notes
xfce notes configaration- /home/guest/.config/xfce4

Just a guess can magic folder be linked to hidden folder eg .local or .config

please help this is the only problem i am having

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Re: XFCE Notes save.dat magic folder

Post#2 by tome » 19 Aug 2015, 05:18

You shouldn't make symlinks to dat container, it can/will crash it, if I understand good your "link". You should remove your notes from panel or logout/shutdown, then notes are saved.
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