Best Radio Streaming App To Convert

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Best Radio Streaming App To Convert

Post#1 by jimwg » 11 Jun 2015, 17:39


Need opinions from those who have already had experiences with these radio streaming apps so I don't re-invent the wheel converting into xsm for Porteus use to donate to archives.

Radio Tray, Pandora, TunaPie, RythmnBox, Streamtuner.

Thanks for any hints.

Jim in NYC

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Re: Best Radio Streaming App To Convert

Post#2 by cttan » 12 Jun 2015, 00:48

Hi jimwg,

There is Great Little Radio Player included in the 64bit KDE version. I'm not sure about 32bit version.
Check under Applications > Multimedia

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Re: Best Radio Streaming App To Convert

Post#3 by francois » 12 Jun 2015, 10:34

Here is a general review on best streaming radios: ... g-service/
It is written that streaming radio is evolving very fast.

I know about two good streaming music applications: tunein radio and songza.

VLC you can reach tunein radio, see: ... io-in-vlc/

Songza is said to be reached thru Google browser:

And maybe it should be added kodi multimedia center available for porteus by cttan which will host many of the above streaming radios: ... ois#p32461
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Re: Best Radio Streaming App To Convert

Post#4 by donald » 12 Jun 2015, 13:49

In xfce one can use the (built in) GNOME MPlayer to listen to internet radio.
open (gnome)mplayer > ctrl+l > paste in the stream url

some radio stations:

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