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Best (painless install) VNC pair for Porteus and Windows 7

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 14:54
by mysterylectricity

I've been using TightVNC between my Windows 7 machines for a couple years now, no complaints.

I want to install a VNC client under Porteus so I can connect to my Windows TightVNC server.

I know TightVNC has a Linux version.

I think I found TightVNC in USM at some point.

But I'm having mixed results at best installing packages in Porteus. I made a Phoronix module and it seems to be activated but it seems to have
an unresolved dependency problem. Or maybe just some PATH issue(s) I'm missing. I don't care about Phoronix anymore, just sayin' I'm not far along the package management learning curve.

I wonder if someone could point me as explicitly as possible to a good VNC client that a newbie should be able to install as easily as
possible from within USM.

I'm not adverse to installing a different VNC server on the Windows host. But... they should all be more or less compatible, right?

I'm running KDE and chose the dev module when I "built" Porteus.

Thank you for any sugg's!


Re: Best (painless install) VNC pair for Porteus and Windows

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 16:47
by Ed_P
I use RealVNC on my Windows 7 and old XP machines and the vnc app that came with my Porteus 3.0.1 RazorQt system, TigerVNC, works well connecting to the Windows machines. It's in the Porteus menu under Internet and didn't require any installation. I should note TigerVNC is a viewer only.


Re: Best (painless install) VNC pair for Porteus and Windows

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 21:11
by fanthom
KDE has both vnc client (krdc) and server (krfb) included by default.
just use these.