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Thinkpad X61T Hardware Controls

Posted: 30 Mar 2015, 01:15
by glenndjackson
Dear Porteus Community,

This is probably not a brief question, but I'll try.

I have Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet computers.
Those computers have a "joystick" button next to the screen, with an "Enter" in the middle, plus several other buttons along the bottom: rotate, toolbox, escape, and reset.

Porteus is the only distribution of the 20 I've tried in the last two years (including other permutations of Debian, LMDE, Debian itself) that supports those buttons.

I _really_ want to know what the difference is--what set of drivers, programs, utilities, or some other configuration, that makes Porteus support those buttons.

What I used to do on other Debian-like distros was use a combination of: xbindkeys, xev, rc.local, setkeycodes, and the keyboard shortcuts (Gnome2 or XFCE) to make these work. None of this works anymore, and Porteus supports the buttons out-of-the-box. My purposes really require these buttons to work, and Windows systems no longer support them either.

Please enlighten me any way you can. I will appreciate it.

Re: Thinkpad X61T Hardware Controls

Posted: 30 Mar 2015, 20:14
by brokenman
Most probably it is the 'support for thinkpad' built into the kernel. My advice is ... use porteus.

Re: Thinkpad X61T Hardware Controls

Posted: 30 Mar 2015, 23:51
by fanthom
agree with brokenman.
please run 'psinfo' command -> send generated report to and link here so we can give definite answer.