TextMaker and Bleachbit Install Issues in 3.1

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TextMaker and Bleachbit Install Issues in 3.1

Post#1 by jimwg » 25 Jan 2015, 04:18


I did the 3.1 install via CD route and transplanted the Changes folder from a 3.01 flash to the 3.1 and the operation sings. What issues I have is 1.) BleachBit fails to boot, both the 1.0 in USM and the 1.4 which I converted from Mint, even though I have the additional Python 2.7.5 folder in

Unable to convert softmaker-freeoffice_697-01_i386.deb to xzm via the deb2xzm command, though Textmaker (MUCH smaller and quicker than OOo or Libre!) does operate if you transplant it (not turn freeoffice folder into module) from Mint to /usr/share/ but you can only launch it directly from its executable file, not desktop icons.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jim in NYC