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Installing porteus on a ntfs windows system

Posted: 18 Jan 2015, 03:58
by francois
One step porteus HDD INSTALL in windows (without partitioning, using unetbootin). This is adapted from a popular old post of mine. Best method for those newbies coming from window os to linux or porteus :wink: ... ntID=48540

Unetbootin download: ... latest.exe
Porteus download:

Do the following, do no choose any other option:
Select windows unetbootin download; as porteus is not an available distribution, select diskimage to get your downloaded copy of porteus; select type: hard disk drive C:: let unetbootin do the job (downloading slax); agree to reboot. After bios boot you will be offered the choice between windows and unetbootin. Choose unetbootin. Let it boot to be in the graphical environment or press tab to select amongst the usb choices, wheter it be graphical, text mode, ram or PXE.

IMPORTANT: The next reboot will be in the window environment. At the window prompt do not select remove previous installation of unetbootin. This would remove the unetbootin installation that you just have setup. At next boot, just after the bios booting, you will have two choices. Select UNETBOOTIN and slax will boot.

You can install porteus with unetbootin on your windows ntfs partition. You will not even have to make a special partition as you will be doing a "poor man install" (see knoppix). Unetbootin is a very straighforward gui and work very well with porteus. For testimony: ... 3&start=15

Re: Installing porteus on a ntfs windows system

Posted: 18 Jan 2015, 05:05
by Ed_P
Personally I prefer utilities a little more current. :)