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Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 01:19
by linuxtothebone
Hi there,

How do I edit the bootloader to reduce the time delay for autostarting the gui? at the moment it is 6 seconds which I would like to change so the OS loads faster


Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 01:56
by donald
Do you mean the 6 sec. delay at the splash-screen?
If yes, (as root) edit the
and change the TIMEOUT value.
default is 90 = 6 sec, so it seems to be 15 for each second.

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 06:09
by linuxtothebone
yes thats what I mean, thanks very much I will give it a go tonight when I get home. thanks again :)

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 11:20
by linuxtothebone
Sorry to sound like a complete linux retard but I cannot find /boot/syslinux/porteus.config can you tell me where to find it? thanks

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 19:30
by Sagittarius
In menu:

System/Porteus Settings Centre/Porteus changes/edit porteus.cfg

Good question, I was interested in that one too! (Grin)

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 20:02
by linuxtothebone
Great thanks, I found it and edited it! Thanks to everyone. I want to streamline the boot up process to make it as fast as possible, if that is possible so I will start a new thread on refining the boot process.

Thanks again

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, 20:26
by brokenman
Porteus already boots insanely fast. This is because the boot process has already been streamlined by fanthom. Startup functions are run in parallel and I think if there is anything else to streamline it will only be saving milliseconds.

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 09:46
by linuxtothebone
Thanks for your input,

I was wondering about the modules or software that is loaded on boot like Opera or Libreoffice or any other software that I may download like Thunderbird or Vlc...

From what I understand these are loaded during the boot process and I figured that if there was some way to just let it load the system during this time it would help increase the time it takes for porteus to get online and ready. Is this wrong or would it not make any difference?

Or are there any other ways I can help to reduce the time it takes to get online maybe by stopping any unnecessary startup processes that could load when online and they are called up?

Thanks again

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 19 Dec 2014, 13:03
by francois
The more you have modules into the /porteus/modules folder the more time your system will take time to boot.

1) You can move the packages or modules that you do not use often to the /porteus/optional folder and activate them only when you need them.
2) you can also use different setup of modules thru the grubloader menu with the extramod cheatcode, so to boot porteus with different set of modules depending on the preference of the day.
3) you can use the lightest environment. Openbox and lxqt and xfce, should boot faster than kde. How much you will gain, I don't know. We would be peased that you make a benchmark study on the subject.


Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 20 Dec 2014, 11:04
by linuxtothebone
Ahh yes I understand, thanks for your advice.

I think it may be a good idea to move the unnecessary modules to the optional folder and when I need to activate them once the pc is online i can use the menu to do this, I dont need all of the modules to be directly availble immediately when the system is loaded as I dont use them all, all of the time and in time I may add many different software packages which some of I may only use very occasionally.

I could choose to only load the most often accessed ones like email and internet browser and maybe media software like Vlc and the rest activate them when needed.

I dont have the time right now to fine tune my system but this knowledge will become helpful as I become more of a porteus user, because at the moment I am still experimenting with it because I want to make sure it will do all I need with stability and ease of access.

Yes what a great idea to benchmark the system to see the different performance with modules included and modules excluded. this may be helpful for other users to configure their system and also keep confidence with the low hardware overhead that porteus has as a new install.

I guess I want to avoid adding so much to the system that it becomes less responsive with older hardware like linux mint has become with the standard desktop

I use the mate desktop because I find it more functional and configurable than the xfce or lxde systems and it still has pretty good response.

Thanks very much for your advice

Re: Edit Porteus Bootloader

Posted: 20 Dec 2014, 15:34
by francois
Once you will get used to porteus, I doubt that you will ever return to another linux installation. :wink: