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Help needed with a custom build

Posted: 12 May 2014, 09:07
by pmposse
Hello all,

So, I have successfully used the Kiosk edition of Porteus on a low powered PC for some basic browsing but I now need to use the full blown Porteus in order to have access to printing and some other apps.

I'm looking for a bit of guidance to point me in the right direction for setting up Porteus in the following way;
I need to have an auto-logon user with access to browsing and a couple of other apps, with no persistent changes, custom desktop/menus etc. and I'm slightly unsure how to start.

I customised Firefox in my previous Kiosk edition so I have no problems with that. Is it a case of doing it that way, or do I install Porteus, make my changes and then repackage?

Any info gratefully received!


Re: Help needed with a custom build

Posted: 12 May 2014, 09:49
by freestyler
Just follow the prompts at
under advanced options are choices for auto login

Using desktop edition you wont need to repack the iso, just make modules for your settings and software you want.
If you don't wish to save changes then remove the "changes=/porteus" cheat code from the first boot option in porteus.cfg or choose to boot in copy2ram mode.

Information about cheatcodes is here
Information about modules is here

good luck