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Desktop or Kiosk Mode - Which One

Posted: 14 Apr 2014, 21:34
by fgluck
I am trying to figure out what the best version of Porteus to use.

I am building kiosks that will be sharing a networked printer (at a fixed IP address) and each Kiosk will have a USB label printer attached.

My requirements are for the browser to start each time the system is booted.

I would also like to have the entire OS in memory (not use the hard disk) and boot from a USB

Do I use the Desktop version or the Kiosk version?

My understanding is that the Kiosk version does not include printing support. If I use the desktop version, I can include the printing subsystem but then I need to modify it so that Firefox starts up automatically.

What would you recommend?

Many Thanks

Re: Desktop or Kiosk Mode - Which One

Posted: 15 Apr 2014, 00:09
by brokenman
Printing support is about to hit the kiosk so this may be your best option. It starts the browser automatically. The kiosk version is completely locked down so ONLY the browser is available. If you want more functionality then the desktop version would be the best choice and boot with guiexec=firefox cheatcode.