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How to update software (firefox)

Posted: 05 Mar 2014, 04:35
by fi5ban
Hi Everyone
**>Sorry I probably shouldn't write post in the wee hours of the morning.<**edit**>

The more Distos I check out the more I come home to Porteus :Yahoo!: I just was trying Debian base and after an hour and a half and still not installed that blew =@
back to Porteus I come
I heard about Manjaro and like most distros way to heavy (why carry 5 suitcases when only going over night)
But to my question that came up and searched the forms for and didn't really find my answer to
so here I'll post my question

"" In Porteus how do you update your software and yet keep it as a module???""

What my question is regarding is any software program. When an update comes out how does one update that program ?? Normally you just click update and the program updates by itself.
In Porteus how does one do that

Again Thanks One and All

Re: How to update software (firefox)

Posted: 05 Mar 2014, 05:29
by bdheeman
fi5ban wrote: In Porteus how do you update your software like firefox lucky backup you name it and yet keep the modularity of Porteus?
If you carefully look at /mnt/live/mnt/isoloop/porteus, you can/may find something like 04-firefox.xzm which indeed is Porteus module containing all the bits and pieces or dependencies related to firefox; see/inspect also /mnt/live/memory/images/04-firefox.xzm for further details.

Any seasoned Linux user can/may easily build/update such modules; requisite scripts/tools to manage Porteus modules are already provided.

All you need to do is figure out which parts or what exactly you want/need to upgrade/update in an existing module and how; see official FAQ for further details.

1. Extract an existing module using xzm2dir.
2. Update/Upgrade needful parts in the directory where you extracted a module.
3. Rebuild module using dir2xzm
4. deactivate original/official module, activate local/updated module and test it.
5. Extract contents of your porteus-<whatever>.iso
6. Replace official module with youe updated/upgraded one.
7. Rebuild the ISO image and try booting off of the new ISO.

That's all; you have done it :)

Re: How to update software (firefox)

Posted: 05 Mar 2014, 05:56
by phhpro

Re: How to update software (firefox)

Posted: 22 Mar 2015, 06:54
by yldouright
I'm in the same situation stuck on firefox 31.3.0:
1. I downloaded "firefox-36.0.3.tar.bz2".
2. unpacked it and made it a module
3. renamed it to match the current module and deleted the old one before putting it in my modules folder
4. and activated it but it didn't show up on my application menu bar so I went back to the old browser.

I would love to know what I did wrong.

Re: How to update software (firefox)

Posted: 22 Mar 2015, 08:31
by francois
1.0 Reinstall the module that you just built ( and store temporarily the official firefox porteus module in the /porteus/optional folder.

Start porteus in always fresh mode to see if the problem is with your save changes folder. See if works properly. If still not start Firefox in command line and report the output.

2.0 Use USM to install the latest Firefox version: