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Re: Sound card RC2

Posted: 12 Feb 2014, 20:00
by brokenman
Look at the xpsinfo output and you will see the kernel module loaded for the other card. Search the output for "Audio"

Once you have created your blacklist file open a terminal and copy it to the rootcopy folder like so: cp -a --parents /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-file.conf
(where blacklist-file.conf is the file you created).

Re: Sound card RC2

Posted: 12 Feb 2014, 21:01
by fanthom
/rootcopy folder is well described in our documentation. if it's still too complicated to implement then please boot with following cheatcode:

Code: Select all

btw: cheatcodes are also described in docs.

Re: Sound card RC2

Posted: 13 Feb 2014, 03:55
by newbport
I got it working. Using the cheatcode did not work by itself, But I used it and my soundcard_config. xzm from my v2.1 and did a session save module while it was working. It is still working after multiple reboots.