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Contextual Menu Problems

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 14:28
by jimwg

The following Configure Custom Actions won't work transplanted from Puppy to Porteus:

Move To: Meld %F $(zenity -- file selection -- directory)

Create .7z Archive: tar czvf %n.7z %n *

Convert JPGS to PNGS: convert %f -quality 75 %f.jpg *.png

Copy To: Copy %F $(zenity -- file selection -- directory)

What am I not adjusting for? Thanks for any hints!

Jim in NYC

Re: Contextual Menu Problems

Posted: 12 Jan 2014, 12:55
by brokenman
Check if your version of Porteus has zenity installed. You can do this from a command line by typing: which zenity
My guess is no. So any of these actions containing will not give you a popup window.

Move To: has a strange call after it: 'Meld' I've never seen this.

Create .7z will require 7zip to be installed (rather large so not shipped with Porteus)

Convert To: probably imagemagick (going from the convert command)

I could rewrite these actions to use gtkdialog (we use one tool only for the job of popup windows) or you could install zenity.
In short if you want to fix the majority of these you will need to Install zenity and imagemagick (plus dependencies). Hopefully PPM will sort that out for you.If not let me know.

Re: Contextual Menu Problems

Posted: 13 Jan 2014, 03:36
by phhpro