How do I load a different desktop on a UEFI system

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Re: How do I load a different desktop on a UEFI system

Post#16 by francois » 06 Oct 2014, 18:52

I was looking for days for "how to change the default desktop environment" for days and stumbled upon this thread by pure luck

There is a thread which discusses the use of extramod cheatcode to change the desktop environment. However, I cannot get the finger on it thru google. Here is how I use extramod to use different desktop on the same porteus installation from one bootup to the other. Here the xfce.xzm or kde.xzm is in their respective folder and not into the /porteus/base folder, and in addition I have separate save change folders for each desktop environment:

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title porteus  on sda5 32 BIT v30  KDE 
root (hd0,4) 
kernel /32bit_v30/boot/syslinux/vmlinuz from=/dev/sda5/32bit_v30 extramod=/mnt/sda5/32bit_v30/kde changes=EXIT:/32bit_v30/kde login=root 
initrd /32bit_v30/boot/syslinux/initrd.xz

title porteus  on sda5 32 BIT v30  XFCE
root (hd0,4) 
kernel /32bit_v30/boot/syslinux/vmlinuz from=/dev/sda5/32bit_v30 extramod=/mnt/sda5/32bit_v30/xfce changes=EXIT:/32bit_v30/xfce login=root 
initrd /32bit_v30/boot/syslinux/initrd.xz
This is grub legacy, but it could be converted to syslinux or grub2 easily.

But maybe this what not you were talking about. 8)
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