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autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 06:56
by testsforknowledge
everytime i boot, i have to click SLOVENIAN language, because we have y-z mixed on keyboard.
How to auto set this at boot?

in console it works with: (but icon beside clock does not change)
setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout si,si

cheatcode so far not working ...
kmap=si (placed in line APPEND in porteus.cfg, in section COPY2RAM from where i boot)

still trying, bit if someone has some idea ...

Re: autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 11:12
by francois
1) Here is my menu.lst:

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title porteus v10_32 on sda7/32bit_v12
kernel (hd0,6)/32bit_v12/boot/vmlinuz from_dev=/dev/sda7 from_dir=/32bit_v12/porteus changes=/mnt/sda7/32bit_v12/1.2_cfg toroot kmap=ca autoexec=xconf;telinit~4
If not there is a bug or si is not an option for kmap. Try in command line:

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root@porteus:~/Desktop# setxkbmap si

2) You can achieve the same result with command line or script ( e.g. here file called, with executable rights):
setxkbmap ca (for me)
setxkbmap si (for you)

Put the script in /root/.kde3/Autostart folder, so your keyboard settings be there at bootup.

Re: autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 14:28
by testsforknowledge
Does icon - flag of your country show? with me it works just FLAG stays US, not ours - Slovenian

i used:
APPEND initrd=/boot/initrd.xz vga=791 kmap=si lang=si copy2ram

Re: autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 15:10
by Hamza
You must be running X server in order to use 'setxkbmap' command.

Re: autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 28 Mar 2013, 18:40
by fanthom
this is a bug in qxkb application used in razor (brokenman is already aware of this afair). 'kmap=si' cheatcode will still work regardless of US flag being still shown in the sys tray so please stick to it.

'kmap=' cheatcode operates when Xorg session is active (part of /opt/porteus-scripts/xorg/paths)

Re: autoset KEYBOARD at boot

Posted: 29 Mar 2013, 02:34
by brokenman
Yes this is an upstream qxkb bug, but it was the lesser of evils regarding what's available. Please boot to Razorqt desktop without adding kmap cheat, then right click on the flag and choose to remove one language and add you own. Push it to the top of the list. Save your session via the Porteus Settings Centre and you should be good to go.