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bootloader password

Posted: 04 Jan 2013, 10:46
by maspai
porteus bootloader can be configured on-the-fly with pressing Tab and then modifying existing cheatcodes, including deleting "noautologin" if there any.
i prefer using "noautologin" to increase security, but it can be broken by anybody who knows how to modify the cheatcodes through the bootloader. so i think, this can be avoided by using bootloader password, if possible.
is it possible? if yes, how?

Re: bootloader password

Posted: 04 Jan 2013, 11:29
by fanthom
i remember Hamza asking about this before and finally i used google to find the answer :)

please follow this guide:

set 'MENU MASTER PASSWD' to disable editing of cheatcodes.

a) remove 'TIMEOUT 90'
b) protect selected booting modes (always fresh, copy2ram, etc..) with additional 'MENU PASSWD'

working beautifully here.

here is similar guide for LILO: ... _Lilo.html


Re: bootloader password

Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 02:24
by maspai
thanks, it works :)