kernel upgrade

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kernel upgrade

Post#1 by maspai » 28 Dec 2012, 02:45

i have porteus 1.2 with kernel 3.4.4. is it possible to upgrade the kernel, like 3.7.1 used by porteus 2.0? or use the kernel module for 2.0 in my 1.2? i think, latest kernel comes with better hardware support, am i right?
thanks for reply.

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Re: kernel upgrade

Post#2 by fanthom » 28 Dec 2012, 09:42

hello maspai,

that should be possible.
please take /boot/syslinux/vmlinuz and /porteus/base/000-kernel.xzm from 2.0 and replace original ones from 1.2 (make a backup first).
mind that vmlinuz is placed in /boot folder in 1.2 (and not /boot/syslinux)
let me know if that works.
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Re: kernel upgrade

Post#3 by cttan » 03 Jan 2013, 10:08


Tested it is working.

Pull the initrd.xz and porteus-v2.0-x86_64.sgn file as well.

Update md5sum.txt

Code: Select all

1778a9d0a39f28a87f2981b86896e3f0  ../boot/vmlinuz
09d615ca89a04282c431b41491981d22  ../boot/initrd.xz
dbcdf573c91eaab30692ced2b0fcdad4  ./base/000-kernel.xzm
9a18650c33754c52013cf7214a577f01  ./base/001-core.xzm
9e07709732c114ea481ba3a6be64224e  ./base/002-xorg.xzm
ff0deb5a6bfe8ed7a79ae08af02141ff  ./base/003-lxde.xzm
b1c4d9566ece9f43304479a1d315090d  ./base/004-kde.xzm
62fdbfd615391126aee643f4cc0348d9  ./base/005-devel.xzm
9e98ee347523a5902618bd421a880366  ./base/006-firefox.xzm
I have also pull the firefox.xzm. You will need to activate

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