Newbie Problems.

Post here if you are a new Porteus member and you're looking for some help.
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Newbie Problems.

Post#1 by bvpainter » 27 Jul 2012, 13:14

I thought that I would give Porteus a try, as I am looking for a KDE distro that will run on a low powered system. However I have come across two basic problems, which I cannot solve.

The first time I booted up , I could not change the keyboard layout to UK English and ended up having no keyboard input at all.

Second time, keyboard input seemed OK, though I'm not sure if I was getting the UK keyboard, as I did not have a chance to try it. However I was not getting any sound at all. This was fine the first time I booted but not the second time. I tried re-booting again, but still no sound.

I'd still like to try Porteus properly, but how can I solve these basic problems.

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Re: Newbie Problems.

Post#2 by fanthom » 27 Jul 2012, 16:55

hello bvpainter,

please always specify exac Porteus version you are using.
I could not change the keyboard layout to UK English
most universal solution is to use 'kmap=gb' cheatcode which supposed to work on all desktops.
please read about chetcodes in /boot/docs/cheatcodes.txt file as many problems can be solved by using them.
I was not getting any sound at all.
1) please open terminal -> switch to root by using 'su' command -> run 'psinfo' utility -> run 'wgetpaste -s ca /root/Desktop/psinfo.txt' command and paste here an url generated by it.
2) plase run 'amixer > channels.txt' command and upload channels.txt using wgetpaste (also post url)

Please add [Solved] to your thread title if the solution was found.

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