replacing firefox on kiosk iso

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replacing firefox on kiosk iso

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We have some kiosks that boot up from CD to Porteus Kiosk. Unfortunately, some sites we need to browse require the latest Firefox. I've been chasing my tail in my Ubuntu VM trying to build a new ISO that replaces the old Firefox with the new one. Tried downloading the xzm module for FF 62, unsquashing, merging with the default xzm files that are in my current ISO, but got nowhere.

Most of the documentation seems to be for systems where I could work on a live Porteus machine, make changes, and then build a new ISO from that. Not sure how I can do that from Porteus Kiosk (no terminal, no access to files) on a read-only medium.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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replacing firefox on kiosk iso

Post#2 by fanthom » 07 Oct 2018, 10:00

Hello rwl,

Bumping Firefox 52.x to 62.x in kiosk 4.7.0 ISO means breaking of many existing functions:
- legacy addons wont work
- same for NPAPI plugins (java, citrix, etc) except flash
- fullscreen mode requires additional tweaks
- some other parameters (e.g. import_certificates, managed_bookmarks) requires minor updates

I was hoping to migrate to Firefox 60.x ESR in next kiosk release but it wont happen till this bug is resolved:

Unfortunately Mozilla is slow in fixing it.

At the moment i would suggest using Chrome instead of Firefox or invest into customized build with latest Firefox (all parameters should work except for silent printing).
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