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Posted: 23 Jan 2012, 06:15
by bigbass

I have some radio programs I listen to
and when I download the mp3's some are 70mb
and after running the script it gets reduced down to 6mb
so you can see quickly how fast you would fill up a mp3 player

for me the sound quality is fine and I can fit 10 times the amount of programs/songs
on the device

simple but effective DragNdrop
the original file is unchanged
a new file is made with a *.mono.mp3


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# conv-mp3-mp3mono

NO_EXT_FILE=`echo "${A//.mp3/}"`
TITLE=`basename "$@"`

xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e lame  -b 32 -m m  $NO_EXT_FILE".mp3"

# rename mp3

mv $NO_EXT_FILE".mp3.mp3" $NO_EXT_FILE"_mono.mp3"