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Porteus-v1.0.421-i486 aka KDE-4.2.1 for 32bits

Posted: 11 Nov 2011, 02:01
by wread
Hands-on learning led me to compose this unofficial version of Porteus v1.0 32-bits with kde4.2.1 instead Trinity. For those interested in testing its behavior, I run it in my laptop with 1.25 GB ram with no apparent loose of performance.

You can download it from as tar file of aprox. 480 MB. To untar issue
tar -cvvf Porteus-v1.0.421-i486.tar Porteus-v1.0.421-i486/
In the Porteus-v1.0.421 folder you will find two sub-folders: boot and porteus. Install them in an USB memory, make it bootable as usual and that's it, you have kde4 in 32 bits.

This is a RFC version; there are still some issues that could be solved. If this version finds acceptance among the community, I might continue polishing it (with the help of you all, especially the more advanced!).

I will now focus my attention to test our normal Porteus v-1.1-i486; when in final, I could try a trimmed down version of kde4.7.current with 1.1 as base.

I must acknowledge fanthom for his valuable orientation and tips in this concern.

Enjoy it! :Yahoo!:

Re: Porteus-v1.0.421-i486 aka KDE-4 for 32bits

Posted: 11 Nov 2011, 02:56
by fanthom
Moved from "General Chat" to "Community Efforts" and changed thread title a bit (i hope you agree).