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enlightenment-DR16 wm based 003-desktop

Posted: 03 Apr 2015, 05:32
by ncmprhnsbl
This is a lightweight desktop module using e16 window manager as a base (see includes)

enlightenment-DR16 using e16 wm package from

"The Enlightenment Window Manager was first released in 1997 by Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler

Its release revolutionized the face of desktops on UNIX platforms and beyond, featuring a more graphically
stimulating environment than ever previously seen on a conventional desktop. Since that time the window
manager has been emulated and has driven the graphical appeal we see on desktops everywhere.
In 2000, the latest major release occured with the release of DR16.0, a release that remains in heavy usage today.
In 2003 Kim "kwo" Woelders took over management of the DR16 codebase and released DR16.6,
improving opon the window manager and modernizing its dependencies, and even now the DR16 window manager has
a long life ahead of itself, even after the release of DR17."

version: e16-1.0.15

e16 64bit 15.2 mb

e16 32bit 15.2 mb

How to use:
replace 003-* in /porteus/base
add to /porteus/optional and use cheatcodes noload=003-* load=
(*=kde, lxqt, xfce, mate.)

rox filer
beaver editor
enlightenment17 gtk theme
a selection of enlightenment themes(includes backgrounds)

not included:

documentation also stripped


Re: enlightenment-DR16 wm based 003-desktop

Posted: 31 Aug 2015, 18:56
by Falkor
Thanks for keeping e16 alive.
I have recently needed to install this on another machine (at a new job) and was so glad on how easy it is to now install onto Fedora 22.
took me about 30 minutes to configure it the way I'd like, but am so glad to have the best wm I've ever used still being the most productive and elegant to this day...approaching 20 years on.

I began using e16 on Redhat6.1 in the late 90's and have used a myriad of others since, but none have been able to outperform or out-beautify my minimalistic needs and abilities that come (out of the box) with dr16.

this (again) is just a thank you for maintaining it through the years, since the Rasterman moved on.

Now on to thank Bill Wilson too

Re: enlightenment-DR16 wm based 003-desktop

Posted: 31 Aug 2015, 22:16
by ncmprhnsbl
thanks for the kind words
but you seem to have the impression that i maintain e16, which i don't..
all i've done is make this module for Porteus....