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Openbox-xfce mix

Posted: 02 Feb 2015, 21:12
by tome
Another DE that I use.

Module and screenshots: -> openbox-xfce-mix

Spacefm right click menu:
a) magic-changes - more controlled way of saving changes (clean system), you can store selected files/directories (inside root tree) outside live-filesystem (if changes-ro or changes=EXIT: is used)
b) install packages or move files to changes (if changes-ro or changes=EXIT: cheatcode is used)
c) easy way of copying files to rootcopy (freshcopy)

Spacefm desktop daemon - you see your files on desktop

Both spacefm and openbox menu on desktop

Geany + plugins
Parcellite, notes and weather plugin on panel

By default your Desktop, guest/.local/share (Trash) and usm database directories are stored on disk outside livefilesystem (see /etc/rc.local)

Updated xarchiver

Iso-images are automatically opened(mounted) in new spacefm tab

It is not enough ready (it is rather idea of customized DE), for example default file associations should be changed (mplayer), but it is ready to share. Locales contains only translations, you should set manually your locale and download needed glibc-i18n-i486 files (or do it in PSC).

Re: Openbox-xfce mix

Posted: 04 Feb 2015, 22:54
by francois
Hello tome. This seems interesting. Is it possible to see an image of the resulting desktop environment?


Re: Openbox-xfce mix

Posted: 05 Feb 2015, 18:47
by tome
Please go to and then open openbox-xfce-mix folder. I can not paste it here because of resolution (outside 600, 700 pixels)

Re: Openbox-xfce mix

Posted: 05 Feb 2015, 22:17
by francois
It looks good. :)