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Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 15:15
by rek769
Ok..following your instructions I created a new user account (newacct) and copied the contents of home/guest into /home/newacct

I discovered that if I delete the guest account the system does not seem to know how to login with other user than guest. I would get a scrolling error at boot complaining that guest does not have a password entry or something similar. The only way to exit was with power off button to force shutdown.

I recreated the guest account and tried again.

This time I was able to login to the fluxbox session but only as guest. Exiting from the Flux menu simply logged me back in as guest again. Any ideas on how to get the option to login as another user?

Thanks for the help

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 17:19
by beny
the slackware way to add user is console adduser or useradd,for do this you have to save changes or at next boot you have the same problems ,and into the porteus cfg you have to copy the lines that boot fluxbox but you have to adds root at the end of line if you want boot as root,the guest account is hardcoded into boot script so you can't change it

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 21:17
by rek769
Yes, I added and deleted users via the console. Here is my APPEND line in porteus.cfg:

APPEND initrd=initrd.xz copy2ram timezone=America/Costa_Rica utc kmap=latam,us changes=/porteus login=

I am running off an EXT4 formated USB drive.

Still, with this module I am not provided an option as to how I might login. Even after login if I choose EXIT from the Fluxbox menu I am taken to console and immediately back to X....


Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 26 Apr 2015, 23:34
by ncmprhnsbl
sorry :oops: it appears lxdm is broken somehow(my doing) not sure what yet.. this would not help your use case..

so when you use cheatcode: login= lxdm login screen does not show and autologin to guest occurs? (this is what is happening here)

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 00:09
by rek769
Using the flux module with my standard cheatcode within porteus.cfg (login=) the system does an auto login to guest account.

I can change the cheatcode (login=newuser) and the system will auto login to the newuser account.

The problem is that there is never a graphical login screen from which one could select a different account to use for login.

When I had the XFCE module loaded this cheatcode (login=) would provide me with a graphical login screen. I could type in which ever user account I wished with appropriate credentials and login as that user.

This is not happening with the fluxbox module....make sense?

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 01:05
by ncmprhnsbl
.make sense?
yep, something is wrong in my build, most likely lxdm.conf... (edit: not this)
need to do some digging..

hmm dmenu isnt working properly....
2 bugs! (at least)

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 08:43
by ncmprhnsbl
update: found what i had overlooked: /etc/rc.d/rc.4 a small but essential script...
will upload new version asap
with 32bit to follow...

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 27 Apr 2015, 21:08
by ncmprhnsbl
updated to version sa7c (links in first post updated)
revised and 'standardised' build system
fixed lxdm(missing rc), login= cheatcode and logout now works.
added NetworkManager-applet
added clipit clipboard manager (and added these to startup)
hacked arch-xdg-menu to include 'settings' section

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 30 Apr 2015, 19:56
by rek769
Nice job. Seems to be working as expected.
Thanks for taking the time to correct the issue. Looking forward to using Flux-Port.

Re: fluxbox (003-'desktop' replacement)

Posted: 03 May 2015, 00:29
by ncmprhnsbl
thanks for reporting, its something i should have seen earlier,
my debugging leaves much to be desired, but hey, thats what users are for? :roll: