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Robots : ROS on Porteus

Posted: 10 Jul 2014, 13:00
by Niko
Hi everybody !

I am sure there are a lot of other robot fan-boys running on Porteus. :)
Our lab is currently running all its robots on Porteus and I am trying to make ROS run on Porteus.
ROS (Robot Operating System) is a huge flexible framework for writing robot software. It simplifies a lot the use of robots.

I would need a little help as I am new as well with Porteus as with huge cross-platform compilation/dependencies.
The problem is that they use their own tool to resolve ROS library dependencies (and there are a lot) and they no longer officially support Slackware, thus I keep on getting compilation errors while installing libs one by one.

Any advice on how to get all the dependencies of a software and package them for Porteus ?

Here is the sort tutorial to install ROS from source so that you see better :
(the problem is with rosdep)

However if some of you managed to port ROS on Porteus, I would be very pleased if you could share it :D

Thank you for your help and sorry if it looks confused :p
Ask questions if you don't get my problem


Re: Robots : ROS on Porteus

Posted: 10 Jul 2014, 13:54
by cttan
Hi Niko,

While waiting or compiling your deps on Slackware, you may try the few virtual machine image built with ROS pre-installed.

It is a link from installation page.

You just need to run your Porteus, built VirtualBox using KDE Menu > All Application > System > VirtualBox Builder
Activate the VirtualBox module and start VirtualBox.
Download the virtual machine image and start it using the VirtualBox.

You will be up in no time.