txt2image only uses built in pango gtkdialog GUI

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txt2image only uses built in pango gtkdialog GUI

Post#1 by bigbass » 09 Apr 2012, 13:50

UPDATE April 8 2012 version 3.4 added a bigger edit box

only uses built in pango gtkdialog GUI --->9.1KB!!

http://bigbass-porteus.googlecode.com/f ... 1_PORT.tgz
this came out of a need for some gtkdialog examples using built in tools
to keep away from heavy dependencies

this is a very simple tool much room for improvement to make images of typed text
without using gimp,imagemagick or other heavy backend tools

some ideas for websites ,icons that need names ,bad links you don't want to post
you show an image instead of a link . maybe your email link as an image
maybe a lite GUI that needs some text images that update
some things that came to mind

*pango doesn't have any good documentation examples so
it took some time playing with this to get it to work

change log
Posted after 2 days 2 hours 59 minutes 46 seconds:
a rewrite and a working package check above post !!

Posted after 1 day 4 hours 25 minutes 49 seconds:
added markup!

Posted after 2 days 6 hours 7 minutes 39 seconds:
added a markup checkbox option

Posted after 1 day 23 hours 42 minutes 41 second:

A thought you could make some cool images from text generated from txt2image
then it would be easy to make a simple messaging app to show the images of the text

this would be an easy way to make special markup messages for your dialogs
even foreign language messages as images a lot easier then most tools that are needed to
translate messages and the images are small more to come this script below works after you generate some text with txt2image in a small dialog box (with a little art work any image could be used )
that would allow some cool messages !

Posted after 10 hours 25 minutes 42 seconds:
added a bigger edit box so now you can make messages that go over one line
cleaned up the GUI to move help to a text file
now there is no problem with adding double quotes to your examples
added a quick viewer