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pikona icon maker (a BaCon app) 32bit and 64 bit

Posted: 09 Mar 2012, 17:12
by bigbass

the first BaCon app for Porteus !
this was written by vovchik from the BaCon forum
modified for Porteus and slackware

the menu entry is in Graphics pikona icon maker ... 1_PORT.tgz

64 bit thanks to Hamza for compiling the binary for 64 bit ... 1_PORT.tgz

*self contained no dependencies needed to run the app
the bacon compiler is only needed if you want to compile your own apps
it is not a package dependency

<-------------------------64 bit how to compile package builders only ------------------------------------------------------->
if you want to compile this for 64bit here's how ... 1_PORT.tgz
I wrote a getting started script that compiles BaCon for you so you can start using it quickly

this file auto-build-compile-bacon2
gets installed in root

just click on it and it will install BaCon ( the compiler )

*the first time you run the script what you are doing is building the compiler
instead of downloading a pre compiled package
the advantage to my script is it will make you the latest package so you dont need to
look for updated binary packages you always compile the latest version
the number will keep counting to about 5000 around 11 minutes on my box
then the lib gets compiled now you have the compiler

extract this dont install on 64bit ... 1_PORT.tgz
cd into pikona-3.0/usr/local/pikona/src

the basic way to compile is simply

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bacon pikona
but the next line gets you the smallest binary

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bacon -o -s -o -Os -o -fdata-sections -o -ffunction-sections -o -Wl,--gc-sections pikona
now move this binary to inside the extracted folder to /usr/local/pikona overwriting the older 32 bit one

repackage and your done ( I will host the 64 bit version if you dont have a place for it )

any questions feel free to PM me