Netsurf alternative?

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Netsurf alternative?

Post#1 by n0ctilucient » 22 Jun 2018, 09:02

Hv3 ( Tkhtml ) is...
a powerful yet minimalist web browser that uses Tkhtml3 as a rendering engine
Basically... its a Netsurf (Dillo?) alternative that can
render webpages correctly (w/o bloated Gtk/Qt).

Site is...

Source is...

This package has not been adopted yet by ("slackonly" or)...

So far... I have not been able to successfully compile this package with the following src2pkg.conf @...
Everything you wanted to know about "hardened" compile flags and src2pkg.conf (...but were afraid to ask)

Thanx... in advance to anyone that IS interested in sharing their precompiled package link.
:hmmm: I do NOT have the "right" to tell anyone what they should do...
but I reserve the "right" to tell them what they should "consider".

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