Numactl alternative?

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Numactl alternative?

Post#1 by n0ctilucient » 12 Mar 2018, 15:32

Numad is a Non-uniform memory access daemon that optimizes CPU performance.
(configuration goes beyond "numactl -l --interleave=all ")

FAQ is @...
Source is @...

It probably works best w/ this kernel parameter... "numa_balancing=enable"
see... ... meters.txt

This package has not been adopted yet by ("slackonly" or)...

So far... I have not been able to successfully compile
this package with the following src2pkg conf...
see... Src2pkg.conf w/ "hardened" EXTRA_FLAGS

Thanx... in advance to anyone that is interested in sharing their precompiled package link.
:hmmm: I do NOT have the "right" to tell anyone what they should do...
but I reserve the "right" to tell them what they should consider.

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