Numactl alternative?

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Numactl alternative?

Post#1 by n0ctilucient » 12 Mar 2018, 15:32

Numad is a Non-uniform memory access daemon that optimizes CPU performance.
(configuration goes beyond "numactl -l --interleave=all ")

FAQ is @...
Source is @...

It probably works best w/ this kernel parameter... "numa_balancing=enable"
see... ... meters.txt

It also complements irqbalance...
Package is @...

Also... disable KSM.
If KSM is in use on a NUMA system, change the value of the /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/merge_nodes parameter to 0 to avoid merging pages across NUMA nodes. Otherwise, KSM increases remote memory accesses as it merges pages across nodes. Furthermore, kernel memory accounting statistics can eventually contradict each other after large amounts of cross-node merging. As such, numad can become confused about the correct amounts and locations of available memory, after the KSM daemon merges many memory pages. KSM is beneficial only if you are overcommitting the memory on your system. If your system has sufficient free memory, you may achieve higher performance by turning off and disabling the KSM daemon.

If KSM is in use, change the /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/merge_across_nodes tunable to 0 to avoid merging pages across NUMA nodes. This can be done with the virsh node-memory-tune --shm-merge-across-n

see... ... ence-numad
also... ... vating_ksm
and... ... e/chap-ksm
This package has not been adopted yet by ("slackonly" or)...

So far... I have not been able to successfully compile
this package with the following src2pkg conf...
see... Src2pkg.conf w/ "hardened" EXTRA_FLAGS

Thanx... in advance to anyone that is interested in sharing their precompiled package link.
:hmmm: I do NOT have the "right" to tell anyone what they should do...
but I reserve the "right" to tell them what they should consider.

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