OpenGl alternative...

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OpenGl alternative...

Post#1 by fullmoonremix » 05 Oct 2016, 15:16

Vulkan is a ultra fast graphical Application programming interface ...
(It's are basically... a high performance "gaming" alternative to OpenGl)

Check out this... List of games with Vulkan support
Also... AMD has released a Vulkan compatible driver ( AMDGPU )

Pls Note: Ubuntu has it compiled natively. ... 4.deb.html

IMHO... :oops: this could be a nice addition to the Porteus pantheon of modules... :wink:
(unfortunately... the 64 bit native compiled version has not yet been posted to

Disclaimer: This is a module request ... :unknown:
A formal message requesting something.
So... if any intended response to this thread is "do it yourself"... keep in mind this is NOT a request for a tutorial. :no:

"Best Regards"... :beer:
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Re: OpenGl alternative...

Post#2 by wread » 08 Oct 2016, 15:41

We have to be carefull: Vulkan sounds chaotish...
and that of sklavfinder is a regression to 19th century....and I consider you a revolutionaer :lol:
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Re: OpenGl alternative...

Post#3 by fullmoonremix » 08 Oct 2016, 16:10

Hi... wread.
I reached out to the author of src2pkg a few days ago perhaps
we will get an update of his amazing creation soon.

Also... I think it appears there is a problem with the portal. I hope I don't have to edit all my links. :wall:

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