Busybox alternative...

If you are looking for a specific 64-bit package and you can't find it in any of the 64-bit repos, please post a request for it here
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Busybox alternative...

Post#1 by fullmoonremix » 24 Aug 2016, 05:19

sbase is a super ultra lightweight utility collection from Suckless.org ...
(It's basically... an alternative to Busybox that to an even greater degree follows the Unix philosophy: Do One Thing and Do It Well )

IMHO... :oops: this could be a nice addition to the Porteus pantheon of modules... :wink:
(unfortunately... the 64 bit native compiled version has not yet been posted to http://webwarper.net/ww/~av/slakfinder.org)

Disclaimer: This is a module request ... https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/request :unknown:
A formal message requesting something.
So... if any intended response to this thread is "do it yourself"... keep in mind this is NOT a request for a tutorial. :no:

"Best Regards"... :beer:

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