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64 bit Graphical diff module sought [Solved]

Posted: 01 Jun 2015, 10:15
by OldAndWeary

Anyone able to point me to a graphical difference module that I can install under a 64-bit XFCE porteus installation?

I guess possible choices include meld, tkdiff, diffmerge, vimdiff, xxdiff, gtkdiff and kcompare
... however, not sure I'm meant to use kcompare under XFCE? Would I then need all of kde?
Ideally the GUI diff program would support files and folders, but just going a difference on 2 files would be good!
Just must be compatible with 64 bit XFCE

I've tried loads of different versions of meld ... but most times I just get the errors:
Cannot import: pygtk
No module name glib

Anyone help please?

Cheers John

Re: 64 biit Graphical diff module sought [Solved]

Posted: 01 Jun 2015, 14:00
by OldAndWeary
Actually, might have 'cracked' the problem myself ....

Looks like I can download slackware version of meld at v1.8.2
Then using usm, install pygtk .... which resolves to 3 packages (pycairo, pygobject & pygtk)
... meld then runs, albeit with some errors.

Being lazy, have defined an alias for meld that discards the errors out to /dev/null
... since errors don't seem to matter.

Therefore ... going to 'close' this request ... but please add to it if you have anything useful to add

Cheers John