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Re: Lld (...Llvm)

Posted: 28 Feb 2015, 04:24
by cttan
Hi blue4meridian,

Pls download it from usm:-
usm -g llvm

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 The following items were found.
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 ctrl+c to quit

1) llvm-3.3-x86_64-2.txz
2) llvm-3.3-x86_64-3_slack14.1.txz

Re: Lld ("llvm linker")

Posted: 02 May 2015, 03:15
by wread
Hi blue4meridian!
Did you ever think, your llvm version might be wrong? Why don't you try this one?

Good luck :Yahoo!:

Re: Lld ("llvm linker")

Posted: 04 May 2015, 02:13
by wread
The module I posted contains a functional linker that works ok for me.
Did you try it and it didn't work for you? Was OpenSSL not secure enough?
I know, Arch Linux pretends to be the bleeding edge, but then at doesn't work! :cry: