SMTube & SMPlayer

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SMTube & SMPlayer

Post#1 by rych » 28 Jul 2022, 11:15

SMTube, to try and play youtube playlists outside browser.

Has anyone had a module already built for 5.0RC3? I was trying to get it from ... r.zst.html but it misses and so on.

If it's easier to get on Porteus 5.0, then this would be another reason to finally start upgrading. Thanks

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SMTube & SMPlayer

Post#2 by ncmprhnsbl » 28 Jul 2022, 13:21

rych wrote:
28 Jul 2022, 11:15
If it's easier to get on Porteus 5.0,
looks like it..
2 things though, i'm not sure if smplayer needs to be built especially for mpv or if it can 'switch' .. otherwise it uses mplayer
and if is needed, it's been stripped from the qt5 module we provide ..
i can, however supply that in a separate module through 'bundles' , since i export them when i repackage qt5..

wait, no, that's something else (libQt5WebEngine) is in qt5-webkit which is in slackware 15.0 official repo ...
not impossible that this needs something stripped out of qt5 ..
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