Simple Manga Downloader 1.16.0

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Simple Manga Downloader 1.16.0

Post#16 by beny » 11 Jan 2022, 20:11

hi Rava /home/guest/Manga/Shokugeki no Soma/ seem that the directory is created when the download start i don't have used the changes at all, btw if you do this task into the changes your directory and the SMD config directory stay in when you open the software, you need to install the python deps and you run all the task into the simple-manga downloader directory. i think better the manga directory not nested you have to follow the SMD_conf.json

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Simple Manga Downloader 1.16.0

Post#17 by Rava » 17 Jan 2022, 22:32

I am back from my short work journey, unfortunately the work load followed me so I will be longer quite busy than anticipated.

I will post here updates as soon as I have the approx free time working on SMD.
Yours Rava

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