Another zram alternative?

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Another zram alternative?

Post#1 by n0ctilucient » 09 Aug 2018, 14:42

RapidDisk is... an open source tool for Linux that enables you to create RAM disks for
general purpose usage or use them as caching systems for existing hard drives.
see... ... e-caching/
Basically... the utility allows a system to store (and/or cache) to ram.

Site is @...

Source is @...

This package has not been adopted yet by ("slackonly" or)...

So far... I have not been able to successfully compile this package with the following src2pkg.conf @...
Everything you wanted to know about "hardened" compile flags and src2pkg.conf (...but were afraid to ask)
:hmmm: I do NOT have the "right" to tell anyone what they should do...
but I reserve the "right" to tell them what they should "consider".

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