[SOLVED] Firefox 48 for 32-bit Porteus 3.1 XFCE

If you are looking for a specific 32-bit package and you can't find it in any of the 32-bit repos, please post a request for it here.
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Re: [SOLVED] Firefox 48 for 32-bit Porteus 3.1 XFCE

Post#16 by Obosan » 17 Oct 2016, 14:53

@neko_san :D
Thanks for your instruction!
In order to get Japanese version of the Newest Firefox, if I read and understand well, I should download mkslimjet-v3.2-noarch-6.xzm and order mkfirefox on command line for whole bundleed firefox in Japanese.
Is this still applicable for my 32bit Porteus, since the xzm file's name includes i686

XFCE &FVWM doesn't matter for my SENSEI, I guess.
He uses FMVLX-40U, maximum 2GB RAM with ATI video driver.
Therefore, I will download your FVWM Porteus ISO within this week, before I present him the Porteus USB.
Thus, I can bring two type of USB.
(He is concern about deadline of his Vista OS.)
I'm sure Porteus is the solution for him, though v3.1 may have some bugs if you allow me to say.

Regarding “GThumb“, I read in this forum that there is uncertain discrepancy so that eliminated from the newest Xfce.
If you know Linux Image Viewer/Browser/Editor which is able to Resizing, Croppingg and Rotating with
OVERLAY PATTERNS:Golden Ratio&Spiral, Rule of Thirds, Grid, Diagonal, Triangle and hopefully Silver Ratio for KATSURA_NO_RIKKYUU, please recommend substitutable image program.
I haven't known FVWM, do you think GThumb will work well on FVMW?

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Re: [SOLVED] Firefox 48 for 32-bit Porteus 3.1 XFCE

Post#17 by neko » 18 Oct 2016, 09:29


"Is this still applicable for my 32bit Porteus ?"

I did test running this version on the "V3.1 32bit Porteus XFCE" environment in my PC.
There was no problem except Japanese input.
I think that it will run on your Intel architecture 32bit CPU with 99% probability.


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