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QT4 info

Posted: 04 May 2011, 05:27
by rnport
How can we install QT4 and run programs requiring qt4 on porteus ? Please help.

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 04 May 2011, 10:20
by Falcony
First install qt4 module ... -0.1.3.lzm

then all of its deps

you could see it in /var/cache/fidoslax/qt4--4.6.2--0.1.3.lzm/DEPDNDS file

Then create and activate your module

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 04 May 2011, 16:04
by rnport
Please clarify the steps as I am a newbie. What do you mean by "install" the module ... -0.1.3.lzm - would this not be same as activation? Can I download and activate slax module qt-4-5-3.lzm (after converting it to sq4.lzm) ? Will it work?

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 05 May 2011, 03:44
by Falcony
1. Mostly same. Puttings additional modules to porteus/modules and rebooting - meens install

2. May be. But nobody promise good result as this is outdated module and nobody checked it on porteus

lzm module from repository fidoslax builded by me on porteus together with its depends

You could install qt4 and its depends in porteus if type in terminal:
lzm_add qt4

for more info see ... _utilities

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 05 May 2011, 12:27
by rnport
Thanks. lzm_add is a great utility. Now I can see the dependencies needed. Is there a command to find out if I already have installed these dependencies and if not download them ?

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 06 May 2011, 03:59
by Falcony
lzm_add is semi-automatic.

First It looks for already installed deps. one by one

if dep. already installed it skip download and install

if not exist or not sure - it ask you press "y" or "n"

If your press "y" it download dep. and activate it

Checking may guess wrong - but for clarification you may open /porteus/modules folder and check whether this dep. module already downloaded and activated

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 06 May 2011, 16:13
by rnport
lzm_add downloaded the lzm file but reported that it was not a perfect download. Can I use 'rsync' to correct the downloaded file or do I have to download it again fully?

Re: QT4 info

Posted: 12 May 2011, 12:39
by Proxx
i have made a qt4 package by accident :P
edited slackyd to download all deb for gparted included qt for me. so i have to figure out which package's qt needs and pass the link =