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Android Studio

Posted: 10 Aug 2014, 02:00
by tmoulder99
Anybody wanna take a crack at this one? For bonus bragging rights, include the nescessary java installation so it's all one module 8)

Re: Android Studio

Posted: 11 Aug 2014, 22:15
by libernux

I made you one.
Download from ... id-sdk.xzm

Module includes "java" and "ant" both required by android-sdk.
You can start android-sdk by entering the following in a terminal:

Code: Select all

Please test and let me know if it needs any refinement.

Android Studio

Posted: 28 Apr 2020, 20:28
by thereishope4u
Is the module from 2014 that you made for android-sdk still available? I would like to test it.
NOTE: This is my first day to use Porteus v4.0-i586. If things go well, I will have good luck making my first module - android-sdk. I will add another reply in the case that my module attempts are successful.