Simple USB Flash Installer

Here you can post about non-standard installation methods
(for example when using grub4dos).
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Simple USB Flash Installer

Post#1 by neko » 06 Jul 2015, 06:02

Extracted from Community Effort Post
4.1. "ISO to USB" conversion tool module
This Module creates a Bootable USB from an ISO File
live-usb-3.1-noarch-7.xzm (352 K) ... arch-7.xzm
md5sum: 1b968454f535df3545db3e9b94ec8c21 live-usb-3.1-noarch-7.xzm

If the 1st partition size is selected MAX(USB size),
one partition will be created in USB.
Otherwise, 2 partitions will be created in USB.
The 2nd partition is used by only linux users.

The 1st partition file system is FAT/ext4.
The contents of ISO will be set in the 1st partition.

The 2nd partition file system is one of FAT, ext3, ext4.
The 2nd partition may be used for general purpose.
If the 2nd partition file system is a linux file system (ext4 ,ext3) ,
it can be used for a persistence directory.
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Re: Simple USB Flash Installer

Post#2 by lobsters15 » 25 May 2016, 20:10

Looks a good programme but on downloading I was bombarded with unwanted rubbish .
The download wouldn't open!!

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Re: Simple USB Flash Installer

Post#3 by Ed_P » 25 May 2016, 22:12

lobsters15 wrote:The download wouldn't open!!
It doesn't need to be opened, it's a Porteus module and needs to be Activated to be used. :)

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