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HD "Spark Plug" installation method

Posted: 14 May 2015, 02:10
by wread
This method applies for 64-bits machines with EFI support, only!
The target is to install Porteus to HD, so you have a dual-boot machine: in normal state it starts Windows UEFI, with the "spark plug" connected it starts in Porteus UEFI mode. So the spark plug is an usb, only for diverting the start process to Porteus on HD (The Bios security mode has to be disabled!).

USB is not big enough!
When you start experimenting using Porteus in a USB, soon you will get a "Disk Full", "No Space Available" and similar popups. Specially if you want to try Wine and your favorite windows applications in Porteus (that happened to me!).

Then the logic step is to install to HD with say 64GB...
- Using the Partition Editor, unmount the "big" HD partition (in my case it was sda4),
- Next step consists of reducing the "big" partition by 64GB from the top end (or whatever you may decide is big enough for you),
- Now make 2 new partitions in the gap created: One partition 1 GB fat32 formatted and the other 63GB in ext4. Mount all three now (the big, the 1GB and the 63GB),
- Finally, copy your Porteus boot and EFI to the 1GB, the porteus folders to the 63GB in the HD; insert a fat formatted usb (the spark plug) and copy boot and EFI to it, ONLY!.

Porteus will run now faster and you can unmount the spark plug if you would want to have an additional usb socket available. I like it! :D

Elemental, Watson! 8)