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The T1200 project...

Posted: 05 Oct 2020, 12:26
by n0ctilucient
This thread explores a new server build that I am doing based on the T1200 (Travla) dual itx server chassis.

My idea is to do a heterogeneous high performance build that checks off all the boxes and in particular... securty.

My last build of this kind used a Clusterboard (Pine64).

I have since moved away from this product due to lack of Alpine Linux support.

So this build will use 2 TuringPi (ARM) cluster boards w/ PiCompute modules networked to 2 Ailix (x86) developer boards.

I also intend to add Google 'tensor' processor units (TPU) for artificial intelligence support.

6 PiCompute modules in each cluster will be powered by Alpine Linux (host) and Minix/NetBSD (guest) with the 'head' (7th node/module)... powered by Alpine Linux (host) and Porteus (guest).

The Ailix boards will be powered by Alpine Linux (host) and Minix/NetBSD (guest).

Welcome... to any helpful positive input in advance.

More to follow...

The T1200 project...

Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 19:56
by fu11m00nremix
I will be updating this thread under my new username.