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Porteus on UEFI-ONLY: rock solid boot!

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 08:52
by nanZor
Just wanted to say thanks to the devs for making the X86_64 iso work right out of the box for UEFI-ONLY machines, and their built-in windows and linux install .bat or shells.

In addition, the built-in tools like "live-usb" installer and such never fail to produce a bootable image that can run without issue on my UEFI-Only boxes.

By UEFI-ONLY, I mean hardware that has absolutely NO CSM or legacy options - not even a greyed out option - they just aren't there. The only thing I do is disable secure-boot.

I've been testing a few other distro iso's, like the latest Slax (and others), and some of their own built-in windows batch files produce images that are just not detected on my Computesticks and Acer laptops that are uefi-only. That usually leaves me to resort to using 3rd-party bootloaders that chainload like YUMI-UEFI to get them to work.

For instance, following the same procedure with Slax that one would do with Porteus on windows to ensure that drive E: is properly prepared, goes through the motions, lights up the blinkenlights on the drive, but is invisible to my uefi-only gear.

Not so with Porteus - it is properly recognized and works out of the box, whether created by Windows, Linux, or later with it's own utilities. Of course, I'm only testing two of my own boxes, and there may be some other uefi-only issues on other hardware.

I don't know what sort of special-sauce Porteus uses in it's bootloader, but maybe the devs could pass what they are doing around a little bit. :)

Whoever is doing the syslinux boot configs in Porteus - my hat's off to you!

Porteus on UEFI-ONLY: rock solid boot!

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 10:40
by nanZor
Honorable Mention:

Although I rely solely on the included usb burning utilties in the Porteus iso, or other utilities inside once running, I think this deserves honorable mention.

RUFUS will also burn perfectly well for a UEFI-ONLY machine like many of mine are. All you have to do is tell it the partition type is "GPT" in the dropdown, and not the default MBR. When asked after initiating the process, iso-mode, the default, is fine. When finished, nicely eject it, don't just yank it out. I prefer to download my Porteus iso's manually however.

What this means is that Rufus will not build a dual bios / uefi drive. You can only choose one partition type at a time.

And, you may also wish to choose for it NOT to create windows specific autorun.inf and icon files. BUT, the reason you may want to, and why it is not a security issue can be found in the faq: ... _dangerous

Like I say, *I* don't need Rufus to do this job since Porteus' devs have made the process easy within itself.

HOWEVER, there may come a day when you have a Linux emergency (grin) and have to guide someone else over the phone on how to build it pronto so you can work together.

Advanced Drive Detection:
Along with the emergency type scenario, is the fact that out of all other similar utilities out there, Rufus has by far the best detection of corrupted drives I have ever seen - that is, some beater usb stick that has been formatted a thousand times, yanked out of drives - that other utils won't even acknowledge. Rufus will detect it 99% of the time regardless, and know what the correct capacity truly is.

You know what I mean - your 64gb drive that has been abused shows up as say only 17mb in Windows when you plug it in and when you reformat it in Windows it is still showing up as only 17mb? Yeah, that type of stuff. Rufus knows better than window does what the real story is.

One of the features is not just iso-burning, but one may also use the drop down for "non bootable" use for a normal partitioning process. I recommend doing this if you are forced to use trash usb sticks for some unknown reason. Then procede to do a burn with it.

A lot of words for something I don't need right? Well, something done well, just like Porteus, I think deserves a word or two.