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Intel NUC's, bios updates

Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 20:32
by nanZor
Pretty happy running Porteus (or other free software projects) on Intel NUC's. BUT

Yes, we all know about recent security issues. In *addition* to that, there are some issues that get fixed in bios and/or firmware that one may attribute to *nix itself and may be an option for those that are willing to take the risk of updating their bios if they are savvy enough to do it.

The usual precaution applies - if you aren't having an issue, don't fix it.

One thing I like about the NUC's is that Intel makes upgrading the bios/firmware relatively easy to do, with docs and easily obtained updates. And these days, having a dropdown inside the bios that allows you to specify either windows OR Linux is amazing to this old geezer. Turning OFF secure boot, and/or the older "legacy boot" / "UEFI" is a cinch if need be, etc etc. If all you've ever seen is a 1990's era bios, be ready for a surprise. Be forewarned - there are a LOT of knobs you can turn, so don't change them unless you have a reason to.

Getting the bios specific to your NUC is pretty easy. Just specify Product (model), filter (bios [or firmware]), and OS-Independent. ... l-NUC-Kits

But as always, before you actually do the upgrade, READ THE DOCS, which includes specifically what the actual upgrades are. They seem to go into more detail than others which can point out an issue that perhaps Linux simply can't tackle, and needs to be fixed in the bios. Ie, you don't see an endless description of "bugfix", but actual meaningful descriptions of what is going to be done.

Note that I'm not talking windows drivers, here, but os-independent bios fixes. Many of which include the recent security patches, along with general issues.