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wifi problems: an old algorithm

Posted: 27 Feb 2016, 14:40
by francois
Usually there should be no wifi problem under porteus. This is why it has been sometime since personally I did not have to troubleshoot a wifi problem under porteus. Years ago I have developped some algorithm to do so. Let's see if it still can be of any use. This is intended to MEGAFON929 who has some problem with its atheros wifi card.

How do I troubleshoot my wifi problems? ... ntID=52631
1a.Hardware detected wired ethernet, if so next step 2; 1b. if not ifconfig, lspci |grep Eth (identifies ethernet cards only), lspci (all devices). ... ax%206.1.2
2a.Hardware detected wifi ethernet, if so next step 3; 2b. if not Install linux driver from manufacturer or use ndiswrapper
.installing ndiswrapper: ... ntID=31280
.ndiswrapper windows driver installation: ... ntID=16234 ... 20ndiswrap
3a. Driver already present and iwconfig positive, if so next step 4; 3b. if not Look for driver conflicts, blacklist
.iwconfig positive, see for commands of no security or wep install: ... ntID=52084 ... ostid21156
.blacklist example: ... ntID=31280
4a. Driver enabled, if so 5; 4b. if not iwconfig (provides identification tag for wifi, usually wlan0, but others possible)
5a. Wifi working no security, if so 6; 5b. if not iwlist scan wlan0, see if settings appropriate (e.g., channel,...)
6a. Wifi working wpa, if so 7; 6b. verify SSID and password accuracy
.only if wpa-supplicant package is installed, and wpa config file set, see Dude's elegant solution script base: ... ntID=24092 ... ntID=23421
.or the wicd installation, do not forget dependencies: ... highlight=
.or Jayflood's way script with wpa: ... ntID=47477
.good discussion on wpa: ... light=wicd

Re: wifi problems: an old algorithm

Posted: 27 Feb 2016, 14:44
by francois

Please provide the output of:
lspci |grep Eth

Re: wifi problems: an old algorithm

Posted: 27 Feb 2016, 16:44
by donald
You should have no problems
ath9k is the Linux kernel driver supporting Atheros AR9287
(PCI: 168C:002E Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express))

Post the output of ( as root)
dmesg | grep 9287
rfkill list