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Porteus 3.0.1 32bit lxde on eeepc X101CH

Posted: 18 Sep 2014, 06:50
by nik03
Hi guys, I'm new in the forum, I just wanted to post for anyone who is looking to buy (or boost) a netbook; I installed Porteus on this X101CH and (really strange with this netbook) everything works perfectly, the general speed for an office and web browsing use It's incredible. I didn't even install a graphic driver (If you look around in the web you will see that everyone has a problem with this netbook, thanks Intel...) and I can play videos in full screen (even from the browser) when in other distribution even after I've got the proprietary driver installed videos were still lagging. Anyway If you are looking to buy a netbook, this Asus works out of the box with porteus. I'll see you in the forum.

So happy to have found Porteus :Yahoo!: