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printer drivers: the hp case

Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 00:40
by francois
Linux supporters have choice between different packages to fulfill their hp printer needs. Hp does not provide coverage of other printer manufacturers or what could be qualified subliminal coverage:

hplip-**.xzm (13MB)
-the biggy, includes hpijs.The most recent version is to be found in .rpm form.

printer-driver-hpcups_3.12.6-3.1_amd64 (313 kb)
-same drivers as in hplip but stripped off. It is supposed to be ppd's excluded. Comes from .deb.

hpijs-3.12.4-4.el6.x86_64.xzm (MB)
- for hp inkjet printers. Some included in hplip or printer-driver-cups, others not. Comes from .rpm, if you want the most recent version.

Some more hp drivers package to come.

Enough for tonight and maybe this week. :bad:

Note: Compared to hplip and printer-driver-hpcups, gutenprint seems to cover more widely all the manufacturers, but less the hp manufacturer. Which seems a valid conclusion.

Re: printer drivers: the hp case

Posted: 03 Apr 2013, 22:33
by wread
I am working on the HPPrint-Stack for Porteus-2 after Slackware 14. It is almost ready, at least for 32-bits-kde4.


Re: printer drivers: the hp case

Posted: 04 Apr 2013, 00:02
by francois
Good news! :D

Did you figure out the differences between the different hp database included in such packages as hplip, hpijs and the kind? I wonder if they overlap or not? Are some not much of importance? Do you understand what I mean?

In crunchbang or debian they have different printer driver database:

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    printer-driver-hpijs (hpijs)
    printer-driver-hpcups (hp-all)
    printer-driver-pnm2ppa (normally "Windows-only"HP Deskjet 7XX and 820 Series and HP Deskjet 1000)
    printer-driver-pxljr (HP's Color LaserJets 35xx and 36xx driver from independent developer support for highest printout quality than hpijs)
    hpijs (hp hpijs)
    hplip-data (hp ppds)
Also, how do you accomodate with hplip system the other manufacturer models? With gutenprint or with foomatic?